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What do we do?

We can chemically clean, pickle, passivate and electro polish stainless steels and high nickel alloys, working to the ASTM A380-13 and ASTM B912, ASTM A976 -13 and many other standards.

We aslo descale and treat carbon steels

Work is not limited to only pipe spools and pressure vessels as AUPP Service Pty Ltd can conduct routine maintenance cleaning for local council infrastructure and industrial and pharmaceutical tanks which may suffer from an effect known as “rouging”. Lifetime protection of valuable assets, this means regular maintenance cleaning,

AUPP Service Pty Ltd  has  baths, one of which can accommodate pipe spools up to 15 metres in length and items up to 2 metres in diameter.

“When a job is received it is cleaned, which removes all traces of dirt, grime, grease etc. The reason for this is we do not want to contaminate our precious acids in our bath”.  AUPP Service Pty Ltd then evaluate the job:

  • Can it be immersed?

  • Maybe it is too big and has to be spray-pickled.

  • Can we bring the operation to you for the duration of your project? By this we mean one of our baths and our water treatment system,

Once this has been determined there are a few other factors that need to be considered.Once the item has been pickled it has to be meticulously washed down with high pressure water.

This is the first step towards true passivation, with the second step using a passivating agent. The job is then dried before being and finally despatched.

Take a quick look in our gallery.

If you would like to have something cleaned or pickled,passivated or electro polished?

No matter how small the items are, we can take care of them for you.

Contact Richard Raper from Australian Pickling and Passivation Service on 0400 816 290 to discuss your next chemical cleaning, pickling,passivation and electro polishing requirements.